3 Brightening Principles to Save 3 Kinds of Questionable Skin

To remedy dark and yellow skin caused by three factors, you should apply remedies according to indications. Usually, dermatologists divide the dark skin into three types – “sunburn type”,”lack of water type” and “lack of blood and oxygen type” according to different causes.

3 Brightening Principles to Save 3 Kinds of Questionable Skin
3 Brightening Principles to Save 3 Kinds of Questionable Skin

1. Sunburn type

Ultraviolet ray is the archenemy of skin. Light aging caused by ultraviolet ray radiation is the main reason of skin aging. Being exposed to the sun without any protection will lead to appearance of dark skin. If you do not take good care of your skin, problems like stain, wrinkles and flabby skin will arrive in succession.

No matter it’s cloudy or sunny, do sun protection job everyday, fight against light aging and use proper skin whitening products.

Trick: apply sliced lemon on your face
Sliced lemon can help to recover the flatness and whiteness of your eye skin. Before applying, you should dip the sliced lemon in the water for a while, and then cover it with etamine and wait for 5 minutes.

2. Lack of water type

Problems like dry skin, desquamation and decrustation indicate that skin is lack of water. Lack of water make skin looks dark and without luster, and can also lead to fine lines and dry lines.

Use moist skin care products to moisturize your skin, thus to improve your dry skin thoroughly.

Trick: one moisture mask per day
Apply one moisture mask a day, till the 5th day your skin will be moister. Of course, using good moisture mask is very important.

3. Lack of blood and oxygen type

Your skin is not really dark. It is insufficient oxygen in your blood or anemia that makes your skin looks yellow, dark or pale. This kind of skin color may be caused by lack of nutrition or dietary bias. And lack of nutrition or dietary bias can lead to the lack of nutritious factors like iron, vitamin A, vitamin B group etc., which are used to make blood. It can also cause the insufficient oxygen amount in blood, which make blood color dark, thus to influence the skin color.

Nutrition balance (nutritious factors supplementary), proper aerobic exercise and skin whitening products which can accelerate the activity of cell circulation can improve the dark skin situation.

Do not put on makeup at least one day a week. Makeup can block skin trichopores to stop skin from breathing, which can make skin lack of water and rough. So be an “ordinary” person at least one day a week, just put on some lipstick and draw eyebrows to embellish.

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