3 Tips for Eyeliner: The End of Eyes Decide The Temperament

In midsummer, Light makeup sells well, but with only a touch of eye color, almost completely transparent lip color is just not enough. How can it highlight your beauty? Do not underestimate a thin eye liner, because it can enlarge and beautify your eyes, whcih must be the most magic secret weapon for women.

3 Tips for Eyeliner: The End of Eyes Decide The Temperament
3 Tips for Eyeliner: The End of Eyes Decide The Temperament

Secret Weapon: Eyeliner

Mainly including three kinds of eyeliners: single-type, double-type and auto-type. The eyeliner is most suitable for a new learner. And the texture of the refill determines that it not only can paint natural and casual eye makeup, but also can exaggerate eye liner, which limits the age to use it.

For: Rare Female (23 To 28 years old)
Simple and natural makeup will be able to make those compelling rare female attractive. When the girls go to the party, they advocate exaggerated and avant-garde makeup, which can be painted perfectly by eye liners.

Recommended reasons: how to use, it is up to you.
It is most suitable for young girls who are afraid of trouble. If you do not like to paint the eye shadow or the mascara, but still want to make your eyes shining, so that you can draw a thick liner to highlight the eye-contour. When the the party comes at night, you can use a brightly colored eyeliner to create an exaggerated avant-garde style. When you are using a sponge brush eyeliner, you can use the blue, purple eyeliners directly to present the eye shadow effect.

Eyeliner selection tips: hard refill & bright color
Hard texture eyeliner can highlight the eye-contour perfectly; and when operating eyeliner makeup, the best choice of color for summer is bright color, such as sky blue, light purple, silver, etc, and you should avoid to choose black, brown, because the large areas of these colors will make people feel tired.

Beautiful yet incomplete: the makeup can not last long and achieve fine results, because the refill of eyeliner is rich in grease. Besides, the thick brush can not achieve fine-looking effect.

Secret weapon: Cream Eyeliner

Cream eyeliner has medium texture, is the “derivative” just between the liquid and pencil eyeliner. Without rough pencil-style effects, neither with the handling difficulty of the liquid, eyeliner is moister and finer, the effect is also awesome.

For: Temperate Sophisticated Women (above 28 years old)
Sophisticated women who are successful in career and focus on quality of life will never loosen the requirements on the makeup. Delicate and perfect” is the criterion of they do anything.

Recommended reasons: to enhance the sense of refinement and elegance.
With cream eyeliner, we can draw a compact and smooth line. Its texture determines the docile and natural effect on the makeup. It’s ideal for older sophisticated women, and whether its durable effect or low-key color will give people the feeling of elegance and affinity. And it has absolute sense of refinement.

Cream eyeliner selection tips: no fancy color
Sophisticated mature women do not need colorful colors, especially for eyeliner. Simple colors, such as black, brown and iron grey are sufficient to meet their demands. When invited to a dinner, they can choose cream eyeliner with flash particles as decorated.

Disadvantage: the need for brushes
You have to be equipped with a user-friendly eyeliner brush before get started.

Secret weapon: Liquid Eyeliner

Includes dip-type and water-type eyeliner. Liquid texture determines its smoothness, to limits its users.

For: Makeup Talents
Have very excellent makeup skills, and can follow the “steady, accurate and relentless” principle when draw.

Recommended reasons: smooth and clear lines, highlight eye makeup
Only from the perspective of makeup, liquid eyeliner is suitable for people of all ages, and normally it would not smudge, the line is also very realistic.

Liquid Eyeliner selection tips: water yield affects the makeup directly
If you like fine feeling without excellent skills, you can choose automatic water-yielding eyeliner, so that you do not need to control the water yield. And experts have more choices like dip-type and press-type eyeliner.

Disadvantage: the need for excellent skills
If you do not have excellent make-up skills, then you should practice hard to achieve master’s level.

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