5 Factors Make Your Skin Dry

1. Clean but not dry

5 Factors Make Your Skin Dry
5 Factors Make Your Skin Dry

Bath/hot spring
If you have just taken a bath or bathed in hot spring, you may feel that your skin is very moist and smooth, but the water your skin touched when you bath can not go deep into the bottom of your skin to replenish water for it. On the contrary, bath foam and water will absorb the oil on the surface of your skin, and with the water on your skin evaporate slowly, if you do not apply moist cream promptly, your skin will become dryer. What you need to pay attention to specially is that take shower frequently can make your skin cannot generate natural oil in time, and do not afraid of “oil”, the oil generated by skin itself is very important, because it can protect the water in our skin.

Bath foam/face cleansing
People with dry skin should not only choose moist skin care products correctly, they should also purchase their shower cream and face cleanser carefully. These people should better not use foam face cleanser, because their skin is lack of oil or water to some extent, and foam face cleanser can wash away extra oil from skin. Therefore, people with dry skin should better use amino acid face cleanser, without too much rich foam but can cleanse face.

2. Be careful with these ingredients.

Dry skin person should choose right moist products, and at the same time, they should also be careful with some ingredients like acetone and alcohol, which can aggravate the skin dry condition. Acetone is a common ingredient in nail polish remover, so after using nail polish remover to remove your nail polish, you can feel that your finger tips and both sides of your nails are dry. At this time, remember to use some hand cream and nail cream to protect your hand skin. Ethyl alcohol exists in many products, especially in make-up water and perfume. Perfume contains many kinds of spices, after you spray it on your neck and wrists, the skin dry condition will aggravate.

3. Cabin in plane is dryer than Sahara.

When plane is flying high up in the air, the humidity of cabin can only be kept under 10, which is dryer than desert (the humidity of Sahara is 20). Such low humidity can make you feel thirst and your skin dry. So when take plane, drink more water and bring some sample moist cream and spray with you, thus you can apply them at any time to keep your skin moist.

4. Aging will also take away water in your skin.

Every girl will fight their whole life against skin aging although it is an inevitable natural phenomenon. While through proper skin care and treatment, you can slow down this process effectively. The first symptom of skin aging is dry and lost of elasticity. With age increases, the natural moisten factors of your cuticle will decrease, which can make the skin hydratability decrease till 75% of normal skin, thus to aggravate the degree of skin dry condition. So we should choose not only anti-oxidization products like Q10 conferment, and also ingredients like levorotary Vc which can promote the proliferation of collagen, recovering skin elasticity.

Except for necessary skin care work everyday, you should also have the right food and choose the right nutritious factors, like food which is rich of collagen and elastin, and soybeans which can supplement plant estrogen to slow the process of aging. Most importantly, drink more water to ensure sufficient water for human body.

5. Air conditioner is an important reason.

Office ladies working in offices for long time worry about the daily damage from the air conditioner on skin the most. Although the decrease of temperature will reduce the oil generated by skin, the 5-degree-decrease of temperature in room will reduce 20% of air humidity, making skin lack of water. So the supplement of water for skin is very important, you can have a bottle of moisturizing spray handy on your desk, and spray with green tea and seaweed essence will be a good choice, which can moisturize your skin and anti-oxidize. Note: after using the spray, press your face softly with clean hands or tissue to make your skin better absorb the water.

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