5 Steps to Remove Your Makeup, The First Step to Fight Against Skin Aging

If you do not remove your makeup correctly, your skin will age rapidly and skin problems like dark or yellow skin, small poxes on your forehead and chin, and fine lines and wrinkles, which are so worrying, will come thereafter. So you should observe correct steps when you remove your makeup, do not let any cosmetics left on your face, thus to become a beautiful woman always staying young.

When purchase makeup remover products, the most important factor that you should consider is the cleansing power of them. However, as mature women care anti-aging issue the most, so when purchase makeup remover products, you can choose products with anti-oxidization ingredients, like Vitamin E which is usually used in brand products, or polyphenols which are good additives. Both of them can add skin care value to the makeup remover, cleanse and care your skin at the same time. Get a proper makeup remover and let’s learn how to remove your makeup correctly.

5 Steps to Remove Your Makeup, The First Step to Fight Against Skin Aging
5 Steps to Remove Your Makeup, The First Step to Fight Against Skin Aging

1. Emulsify thoroughly to make your pores clean

If the makeup removing oil on your face does not emulsify thoroughly, the dirt will remain in your pores, and acnes and poxes will then be generated. When you apply makeup remover on your face, please spread it evenly, patiently and softly for 40 seconds to ensure every pore on your face has been cleansed. After that, please wash away the thoroughly emulsified liquid quickly. Make sure you wash it away thoroughly, and then do the final cleansing job with your face cleanser.

Tips: how to judge the emulsification power of your makeup remover?
When the makeup removing oil encounters water, it will turn milky white, so if you want to judge the emulsification power of it, drop one drop of the cleansing oil into water to see the time it need to turn into a “flower”, the less time it need, the better its quality is, otherwise, the worse it is, it will create burden on your skin.

2. Cleanse wings of your nose and forehead carefully

Do you often have poxes on wings of your nose, forehead and chin? Do not hurry to check your living habits, the problem may be the way you use your makeup remover. Please do not just smear the cleansing oil quickly and ignore the details, especially the wings of your nose, sides of your forehead, corners of your mouth and chin, etc. where keratin and dirt may accumulate. Smear carefully to ensure the dirt in your pores is dissolved.

3. Water-proof makeup can dissolve

Every coin has two sides, compared with makeup removing oil, makeup removing lotion is preferred by people because of its tender makeup removing power, but its cleansing power is also queried by people that many kinds of makeup removing lotion can be washed away by water, saving time and efforts, but cosmetics may remain on your face. Therefore, experts suggest massaging your face skin in circling way with one yuan coin amount of makeup removing lotion, then pressing your face with tissue. Follow this process one or two times to ensure there is no cosmetics remained on the tissue, and then cleanse your face again with face cleanser.

4. Press softly to avoid fine lines

If you cleanse the makeup removing lotion with a tissue rapidly, and pull the skin roughly, fine lines will be generated and your skin will turn loose over time. The correct way is to fold the tissue in half to form a big triangle, press half of your face softly, then the other half, and take a special care of the wings of your nose. Press till there is no cosmetics remained on the tissue, and then we can end up with cleansing your face thoroughly with face cleanser.

5. Choose exclusive makeup remover for your eyes and lips

Eye and lip makeup remover has tender texture and is not stimulative. And using it can avoid risks of over-rubbing the tender eye skin. When you remove your eye makeup, apply eye and lip makeup remover on your facial puff, moisten your eye, remove most of your eye shadow and mascara cream, and then dip two cotton swabs with the lotion, dissolve the remained mascara fiber, then we are done.

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