6 Principles to Preserve Cosmetics Correctly

Trying so many times, you finally find your favorite cosmetics, you use them every day. But if you use or preserve them incorrectly, they will go bad and harm your skin. Today I conclude 6 protective measures to keep your cosmetics fresh, let’s have a look.

6 Principles to Preserve Cosmetics Correctly
6 Principles to Preserve Cosmetics Correctly

1. Heat proof

Places with high temperature are appropriate for keeping cosmetics, because high temperature can make water in cosmetics volatilize easily, the cream become dry and the oil and water in the cream separate to become deteriorated. Thus, on hot summer days, we should not keep to many cosmetics in our handbag, and it’s best to use them up at short notice. The proper reserve temperature should be under 35 degrees.

2. Sun proof

Places full of sunshine or lights are not proper to keep cosmetics, because if they are exposed to the sunshine or lights, water will evaporate, some ingredients will lose their activity to age and deteriorate. Besides, cosmetics contain large amount of chemical substances, so chemical reactions which can lead to effectiveness reduction will happen by mean of sunshine ultraviolet ray irradiation. Therefore, do not keep your cosmetics outdoors, on the balcony, or by the table lamp etc., Meanwhile, when you purchase cosmetics, do not buy the sample products in the cabinet, because of light irradiation in the cabinet for long term, they may or have already deteriorated.

3. Freeze proof

Low temperature place may freeze the cosmetics, and after defrosting, the oil and water in the cosmetics may separate, and part of them will become rough and hard which stimulate your skin.

4. Moisture proof

Some cosmetics contain large amount of protein and honey, if get dampened, they will mould. And also if the iron cover of glass bottle gets rusty, the rust will corrode the cosmetic in the bottle and make it deteriorate.

5. Pollution proof

Although preservatives are added into the cosmetics to keep them from pollution and deterioration, but pollution and deterioration can not be avoided completely, if there is any bacteria in the cosmetics, they will damage you skin. Therefore, after using them, you should tighten up their covers promptly in case the bacteria invade and reproduce. When you use them, it’s better to use a pump or other kinds of tools instead of your hand. Besides, once used, cosmetics like face cream and latex should not be put back in the container to avoid pollution, you should apply the extra cosmetics on the other part of your body.

6. Ineffectiveness proof

The valid term of ordinary cosmetics is one year, and it can not be longer than two years. Once open the seal, you should use the cosmetics up within their valid term, never stop using till they become ineffective. You should know that even if you have exquisite cosmetics and you preserve them elaborately, once they exceed the valid term, they are nothing but rubbish.

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