6 Simple Movements to Own a Tight Hip

For most people, no matter runners, bicyclists or people who always sit in front of computers for a whole day, their hips are not so tight. In order to own charming tight hips, exercises for hip muscles are necessary. We choose 7 simple hip stretch movements, so that you can improve the tightness and flexibility of your hip but avoid injuring your muscles.

6 Simple Movements to Own a Tight Hip
6 Simple Movements to Own a Tight Hip

1. The butterfly pose: if you want to exercise both sides of you hip, try this one

  • Sit on the ground, open your knees, and make your soles face each other.
  • Lift your feet with your hands till they form the shape of a book, and use your leg muscles to press your knees downward.
  • Stretch the spine of your back, relax your shoulders and watch the front or your feet.
  • Keep this movement, deep breathe five times, then lean forward slowly till parallel to your legs. Try to straighten your spine and do not bend.
  • Put hands on your feet, and use your arms to press your knees downward. If you want more stretch, stretch your arms forward. Keep this movement for at least five-deep-breath time.

2. Lotus half-standing pose: it can help stretch your hip, waist and hamstrings

  • Yoga stance
  • Transfer center of gravity to your left foot, stand still, and bend your right knee. Hold the right foot with your hands, and pull the right heel to the left front side of your hip. If it’s OK, lower your right knee.
  • Hold your right foot with your left hand, and surround your waist with your right arm.
  • Keep this pose for a while, and then touch the toes of your right foot with your hand going to the left side of your back.
  • Stand and bend forward, and put your left palm on the ground. If you can not hold your right foot with your left hand, then lean forward further and you can put both of your palms on the ground. This movement can tight your hip. Keep it till you feel pain from your knees, then get up.
  • When you bend, make your chin touch your breast, and pull your forehead to your calves.
  • Keep the movement for at least five times of deep breath, then get up and do this movement with your right leg.

3. Head touch feet pose: this is a popular stretch movement among runners, because it aims to exercise the hip and hamstrings.

  • Sit and bend your right leg, and make your right foot touch the root of your left leg.
  • Sit firmly and straight, make your hands to touch your left leg, and them move your body to your left thigh. If your foot is out of reach of your hands, then put your hands on your calves or knees. Try not to bend your back.
  • Keep it for five times of deep breath, go back to the original, pose and then do another set with the other leg.

4. Open your legs to do the splits: if you want to stretch your hip, hamstrings and thigh muscles, try this movement.

  • Start with a Pyramid stance.
  • Separate your feet, and palms on the ground.
  • Separate your feet slowly to ensure that your heels are more outward than your toes, and soles on the ground to protect your knees.
  • Lower your hip, support your body with your forearms, and then move to your shoulders. If your shoulders are on the floor, turn your head to one side and cheek on the ground, thus to protect your chin from injuring.

5. Double pigeons pose: another good way to make your hip tight.

  • Cross your legs and sit on the ground
  • Bend your left knee and put your knee and feet on the ground, making the feet parallel to your pelvis. Bend your right knee, and put it on your left knee and calve. If you do it correctly, when you bend at the waist, you can see a little triangle in the middle of your legs.
  • The upper knee is closer to the ceiling, this means your hip is tightening. Keep this movement and deep breathe several times.
  • If you want to strengthen the effect, put your palms forward on the floor to support your body and lean forward.
  • Keep this movement and deep breaths at least five times, and then change to your left leg and repeat the above movement.

6. The frog pose: it can help to open your hip and stretch your thigh muscles

  • Put your hands and knees on the carpet. If there is no carpet, find a piece of woolen blanket longer than your legs. You need it to buffer the power from your knees.
  • Slip your knees softly to one side, and do not put them together, move your left foot till it’s on the same line with ankles and knees. Bend your left foot and put the toes outward. This stretch exercise can strengthen tightness immediately, so widen your knees as much as possible and lower your hip till you satisfy with the stretch extent. You should not feel uncomfortable or pain.
  • If you have already lay very low, once you feel your legs have been put in appropriate positions, then you can try to walk several steps forward with your hands and relax your elbows on the floor. Press your hip to the feet with your hands can enhance tension of your thighs. Put your head up, relax your shoulders and continue to press your hip downward.
  • Keep this movement, deep breathe for several times and keep it as long as possible. Once you are ready to finish, slow down your movement. Put your hands close to each other, bend your body and lean forward, and put your heels together. Thereafter, put your knees together, go back to the infant pose and rest your hip.

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