6 Skills For Painting The Dark Nail Polish

A friend asked me how to paint dark nail polish recently. She said, no matter how I paint, there are some uneven vertical stripes in the middle of nail. I paint the middle part first,then the both sides,but it doesn’t work.

6 Skills For Painting The Dark Nail Polish
6 Skills For Painting The Dark Nail Polish

Grinding And Polishing Nails

If your nails are out of flatness,you can’t expect paint the nail polish and cover them up.Chinese doctors believe that the nails can reflect healthy condition of the person,So if your nails appear some Uneven stripes,you should pay attention to your body. But today editors also don’t know why some vertical and raised lines appear on their nails and disappear on their own a few mouths later.Using Sally Hansen 7 steps nails polished rod to grind! In addition to polish and grind the nails, it has 7 functions which can meet all needs.

Paint With Base Cost

You should paint base cost before painting dark nail polish. Protecting your nails not only make them more smooth,but also prevent them from decoloring.Now we recommend Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield–reinforcing light and protectig from fading.As base cost, it also can prevent nails rupture and keep moistening. As Polishing Oil, It has the unique against UV ingredient to help protect from fading and prevent nails from aging and turning yellow. SEPHORA enhance Essential Oil has ample Camellia oil, and it is nourishing and nursing for nails. Methionine ingredient can enhance the hardness of nails cutin protein fiber and care flimsy nails.

Remove The Excess Parts Of A Brush’S Head

You should use the brush to scratch the bottleneck lightly to get rid of redundant nail polish before you start to print the dark nail polish.

Brush From The Middle

The next step,brushing from the middle of your nails. Then, you can brush from the margin of nails about 2 mm to the bottom. Please pay attention to the following, It is the key to success:You should print a little hard in the process of printing nail polish. Although you don’t print the dark nail polish,you can see the brush divided into sector, which can help the nail polish to tint in nail surface more evenly.

Then Print Two Sides

No matter how wide your nails are, you can print the middle part with a brush basically, then printing two sides as well as starting from the edge of the nails about2 mm. You should print lightly and separate the head of the brush gradually in the process of printing. This method covers the large areas and avoids overlapping stripe to appear.

Print The Glitter Polish

If you print the nail polish outside careless, you can use cotton swab to stick a little nail polish remover to fix it up. Then you can print the glitter polish to keep the durability of color. We recommend Sally Hansen nutrient nail polish remover. It has unique nourishing formula which can remove nail polish quickly and softly. And it doesn’t have diisopropyl, Toluene and formaldehyde, so it can be used more safely. You can try to use SEPHORA bright nail saver, please remember that it can be used before nail polish drying, or you can use Sally Hansen.

Tips one: It is easy to fall off that printing too thick nail polish. In order to avoid this situation, you can print two times lightly and thinly, and leave enough time for the first layer drying.

Tips two: The quality of each nail polish is different. If you print the nail polish, and it doesn’t reach the effect you want. You can consider changing other brands of nail polish.Recently, our editor used Chanel No.509 -the newest nail polish. The above picture is the effect of printing twice, which appears flat and smooth not stripes complained by net friends. Please try quickly.

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