Five Kinds of Sports – The best choice of burning fat for women

Sports have always been the most effective method to lose weight. Below is the most suitable exercise recommended by the editor to lose weight for girls, which help you to burn fat quickly during your plan for weight loss, and reach your weight loss goals quickly. Here are five effective and economical ways of burning the calorie.

Five Kinds of Sports - The best choice of burning fat for women
Five Kinds of Sports – The best choice of burning fat for women

Plan 1: Bicycle

It is a familiar sport for us, which combines fitness and our daily life together effectively, in other words, it doesn’t take up our spare time.

Suitable for: anyone,both ordinary people and athlete and regardless of your age.

Equipment: a regular bicycle if you are not an athlete.

Cost:You don’t have to cost anything except regular maintenance of the bike.

Effects: This is an exercise that is easy to follow constantly. It can consolidate your leg joint and thigh muscle, and it’s also good for your foot joints and ankle exercise. At the same time, it is helpful for the blood circulation.

Calorie Burnt: 240 c/hr.

Calorie Burnt: Easiest to follow and closest to the nature and the most economical.

Plan 2: Skating

Have you been to roller-skating rinks or real ice rinks? You can go skating in summer, and winter is a better time to slip on the real ice. It is helpful for the coordinated ability exercise.

Suitable for: no age limit, it recommends that you should learn as soon as possible, if you still cannot skate.

Equipment: sportswear ( If you are a green hand, do not wear skirt ), skating shoe.

Effects: It helps you to exercise coordination ability. In the physical, it can make your leg muscles strong and flexible. At the same time, skating belongs to a hard and heavy kind of sport, and it will also increase your vital capacity.

Calorie Burnt: 420 c/hr.

Plan 3: Jogging/Walking

No sport is more popular than jogging and walking, it does not require too much input, but you can have a lot of income, Americans even create a new vocabulary, called “WOGGING”, which comes from the synthesis of jogging and walking, and its mean is to combine jogging with walking, and to manifest the two inseparable sports.

Suitable for: everyone and if you love sports or long for weight-loss, jogging would be your best choice; if you don’t have enough time for exercises, you’d better walk to your office instead of taking buses.

Equipment: sports suit and running shoes.

Cost: no; if you are not picky, tarred road can be your choice.

Effects: Constant such exercises (over 30 mins per day) will be beneficial for your heart and blood circulation and will help you lose weight. The combination of jogging and walking is recommended.

Calorie Burnt: jogging:420 c/hr; walking:240 c/hr.

Comment: Low input with high benefits. Key lies in perseverance.

Plan 4: Riding

Riding seems far away from us, how free and unrestrained when we are whipping the horses on in our impression.however, riding is a fashion, and is a trend.

Suitable for: female under 40 years old for its danger.

Equipment: riding suit(or a general sportswear), Horse (a spiritual and accessible horse is the best), Hat.

Effects: It can exercise agility and coordination of your body and the muscles of the whole body, especially the leg muscles.

Calorie Burnt: 240 c/hr.

Comment: close to nature,make your body and mind pleasure.

Plan 5: Volleyball

When our women’s volleyball have won five consecutive championships, we all are young.But it makes many of us have a deep love for this sport, playing volleyball can make our brains more flexible.It is an art, and its charm is that it requires a collective effort.

Suitable for: people who under 35 for its great exercise intensity.

Equipment: sportswear, sport shoes.

Effects: It makes you grow taller and taller. So suggest you to join the movement as soon as possible, which has the obvious effects on arm muscles and abdominal muscle exercise. At the same time, it is also helpful for improving your sensitivity.

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