Five Ways of the Head Massages, Relaxed Brain and Anti Hair Loss

Our heads have the important organs perceiving the external world, and have a lot of important acupuncture points. Therefore, it is a good way to keep our brains health by massaging. In addition, it can improve memory and prevent from hair loss by massaging our heads.

The head is the”confluence of all yang-channels”, and the “house of intelligence”, massaging the head will touch a lot of reflection points of the peripheral nerve, which can reach deep relaxation and it has the double-effect on loosing the whole body blood and smoothing the cerebral circulation. Besides, it also can calm your mind,overcome anxiety, alleviate fatigue, enhance memory, prevent from hair loss and improve the quality of sleep.

Five Ways of the Head Massages, Relaxed Brain and Anti Hair Loss
Five Ways of the Head Massages, Relaxed Brain and Anti Hair Loss

If you often massage your head in your daily life, it would ease the health care effect of a poor memory. Today, the experts recommend five ways of head massages to everyone.

1. Massage the Frontal Brain

Press the skin above two eyebrows with thumb or palm firstly, and move gently on both sides respectively from the tip of brow to the center of forehead, and alternate your hands to push and wipe more than ten times rhythmically and gently in order to prevent forehead skin from becoming red.

2. Comb and Massage the Top of the Head

The next step, put your hands on two sides of the top of your head respectively, and then comb twenty times slightly beginning with hairline from the top of the head to the back of the head. Then two thumbs press two sides of temples respectively, and the remaining four fingers separate slightly to hold your head, then massage with both hands from the top to the bottom of your head and massage more than 10 times in a straight line; Finally, use your the middle finger or index finger to press Baihui acupoint in the center of the head, and massage more than 10 times from light to heavy rotation.

3. Rap and Rub the Hair Root

Then, Clasp and bend fingers to rap your head more than 10 times.After that, catch hair root gently and do the action of combing from the front to the back of your head to rub the whole head slowly more than 10 times, which also can be replaced by a comb.

4. Dry Rub the Face

Rub back and forth from eyebrow to chin with your fingers or palm. If you want to reach the role of beauty, you should lift and massage your skin slowly and rhythmically. The motion should be moderate, and don’t massage fast and slow suddenly.

5. Pat the Face

Finally, put your palms on the face and move up and down alternately, and pat it rhythmically.You should use the strength of wrist not arm moderately.

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