Practicing yoga in summer cannot open the air-condition

Open the air-condition at home,and blow the cool air while you are practicing yoga,it’s wonderful, is it really true? Experts told the majority of yoga enthusiasts that practicing yoga at home can not open the air-condition.

With rising temperature, the sunshine outdoor is bright, people begin to fear outdoor sports, they want to use the air-condition immediately. but never mind, The hot summer is not block for sisters who have deep love for sports,they can also take exercise at home, so yoga is a good choice.

Practicing yoga in summer cannot open the air-condition
Practicing yoga in summer cannot open the air-condition

Due to the smooth flow of human blood and body stretching in summer.At this moment,yoga can not only relax, but also can stretch the body fully and make the body become more pleasant and comfortable,especially for friends with arthritis.Some targeted yoga practices can help your body excrete cold air and blood stasis from the body in also gets up to the unexpected effects of recovering damaged joints.

But it’s not only very hot outdoor in summer,and it is not cool indoor.Besides,after you practice a set of yoga,your body will cover with sweat.It is very hot and bitter.So, a lot of yoga friends figured out a way: open the air-condition while they are practicing yoga at home,because at this time,they can enjoy the comfortable and cool air from air-condition, it’s wonderful, is it really true?

Experts tell the majority of Yoga enthusiaststhat practicing yoga at home in summer do not open the air-conditon.

Experts said , when you are practicing yoga, opening the air-condition will make you sick.

Many friends like practicing Yoga in the condition of blowing air from electric fan or air-condition. Coach Lee points out that it is very dangerous, it not only cannot achieve the effect of practicing your body,but also can catch a cold easily.

This is because when we are practicing yoga,it’s very easy to perspire.If our bodies sweat,the pores will open.At this time,what if the cool air from electric fan or air-condition blows to the body ? people must know that althletes cannot blow cold air or drink a large number of cold water immediately after vigorous exercise,when they covered with sweat,because at this time,athletes’ pores is full open, beside “within”and “outside” in human’s body. In order to give priority to guarantee hot emissions,the original various of protective “barriers” have “disarmed”, so if your body once is blowed by the cold air from air-condition violently,which will be straight through your body, and lead all the tissues and organs of human body to occur the sharp “shrink” phenomenon,and cause all sorts of discomfort.

In addition, the pores also have strong filtration function, when the body coverd with sweat, the filtration function almost disappears.However,those rely on wind to spread the bacteria and viruses, just take this opportunity to entrance the human body and make troubles. For the same reason, you sweat in the condition of blowing cold air from electric fan or air-condition when you are practicing yoga.The cold air will along the pores into your body, it is easy to cause your muscles or joints sore, and it may catch a cold.

Air-condition on when we are practicing yoga with a certain distance from the the air- condition,is it ok?

It is not good to exercise in the condition of cold air from air-condition,but it is so hot in summer, you should control the indoor air temperature in 24-27 degrees Celsius that can make human body feel comfortable, and you should keep a certain distance from air- condition,don’t let the wind blow your body directly when you are practicing yoga. Doesn’t it work?

Experts tell us that it is feasible, but the effects of practicing yoga will not obvious and it is harmful to your health.

As we know,yoga is an aerobic exercise. The so-called aerobic exercise points that the human body exercises with a sufficient supply of oxygen. Therefore, Practicing yoga must have enough oxygen ,especially the deep breath of yoga requires practitioners to inhale the amounts of oxygen and fresh air. When we use air-condition,we usually close windows and doors in order to save energy.But for a long time,air will be stale indoor and cannot supply enough oxygen to ensure our practice on yoga. And if we control the temperature in 24 – 27°C in the room, the temperature between inside and outside will be quite difference. Although people feel comfortable when they exercise indoor, it impedes the body’s sweat glands to perspire and the emission of thermal energy,and leads heat conduction system operation to slow down, which also has a certain impact on the human body. Instead,as long as Yoga exercises are not excessive with sufficient water and without quite different temperatures between indoor and outdoor,which has no much impact on the human body’s function consumption.

pen the air-condition firstly , when the temperature drops down indoor, we close the air-condition and then begin to practice, is it ok?

Practicing yoga won’t work while air-condition is opening, but the intolerable heat in summer is a fact.As a result, friends who have deep love for yoga come up with a wonderful idea:Open the air-condition firstly, when the temperature drops down indoor,we close the air-condition and then begin to practice. In theory,it is possible.But we know that open the air-condition firstly to slow the temperature down, we must close the doors and windows,if you want to keep indoor temperature.However,closed doors and windows cannot allow the air to circulate,and also lead yoga practitioners to breath difficultly.

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