Six Steps of Removing Eye Makeup Cleanly

The first step of beautiful skin is to clean correctly. No matter wearing light make-up or heavy make-up, if you don’t remove cleanly, acne, blackhead, fleck, and rough pores will appear on your face.Let alone sleep with the makeup,that’s a big mistake! How can you tolerate these hidden trouble to stay on the face? Beautiful eyes is the source of power, it’s advisable to protect your eyes well. Here are considerate ways of removing eye make-up cleanly provided by our editor.

Six Steps of Removing Eye Makeup Cleanly
Six Steps of Removing Eye Makeup Cleanly

Step One

Prepare a cotton swap and paper towel, fold the paper towel and put it under your lower eyelids, close your eyes, then wet the cotton swap with makeup remover, wipe your eyes from the roots of the eyelashes. Now open your eyes, put the paper towel under the root of your lower eyelashes. After that, use the cotton swap to wipe down from the roots of your eyelashes.

Step Two

Wet the cotton pad with the make-up remover which special for eyes, gently press your eyes for 5 seconds to promise the makeup remover has a full time to dissolve the waterproof ingredients in your eyelashes and eyeliner.

Step Three

Drop points of makeup remover on the cotton pad, then close your eyes, slowly wipe the makeup remover from the beginning of your eyes to the end of your eyes which according to your texture of your eyelid.

When you wipe your lower eyeliner, you should keep your eyes looking up to avoid the existence of fine lines which results from excessive stretching of the eye skin.

Step Four

When you start to clean your eyebrows, gently wipe your eyebrows from inside to outside. Then use the back side of the cotton pad to wipe against the direction of your eyebrows.

Step Five

After you remove the makeup in your eyelashes and eye shadows, some residual makeup will still remain between your small eyelashes or stay in the ruffle of your eyelids.

Wet the cotton pad with makeup remover to wipe your eyes in vertical direction. It can avoid the makeup remain in your weak skin around your eyes that will harm to your skin.

Step Six

Gently wipe your eyebrow parts to remove the eyebrow shadows.

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