Spread Eye Cream Like This Can Be Effective

Eye skin, one of the most vulnerable parts, can easily expose people’s age. Modern women are faced with serious eye pouch and dark eye circle problems caused by overuse of their eyes to face computers or work overtime. So eye cream is necessary for every day. Do you know how to make the best use of eye cream? Next I will explain the correct way to spread eye cream.

Spread Eye Cream Like This Can Be Effective
Spread Eye Cream Like This Can Be Effective

Warm The Eye Cream

After cleansing your face, apply a green bean amount of eye cream on your ring finger, then rub your two ring fingers to warm the eye cream, making it adapt to your body temperature, emulsify enough and easily assimilated by your skin.

Eye skin is very thin and can be easily pulled into wrinkles, so it is best to use your ring finger which has the tenderest power.

Press And Pat

Pat the eye cream on the eye skin softly and evenly like playing a piano. Smear a little bit more eye cream on your orbita inferior and the extension part from the end of the eye to the temple.

Press The Inferior Part Of Your Eye

Firstly, the inferior part, press softly from the Jingming acupoint to the end of the eye. Then the superior part, press from inside to outside. Note: do not pull your eyelid!

Press The Orbit

Press softly from the inferior part of your brow with your middle finger, then press from inside to outside along with the orbit. To avoid crow’s feet, you can spread the eye cream to the temples.

Press The Wing Of Your Nose

Use the finger tip of your middle finger to press the Yingxiang acupoint on the wing of your nose, thus to accelerate the blood circulation around the eye skin.

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