Summer Leaves But Not Sun Cream

After the Limit of Heat (14th of solar term), summer went away slowly and autumn comes silently. With the change of air humidity and temperature, many girls do not want to wear sun cream any more. Actually, the beginning of autumn is still hot, and the sunshine can “burn” people more easily. Besides, in autumn, there are more opportunities to attend outdoor activities, if you let go of the sun block job, your skin may get tanned or even worse, get sun-burnt. Then your painstaking sun block job in the summer will go in vain, or the “Snow White” of the summer may turn into “Black Beauty” of the autumn. In conclusion, it is more important to prevent yourself from the sun at the beginning of autumn.

Summer Leaves But Not Suncream
Summer Leaves But Not Suncream

Sun Block In The Autumn

When mention “block” of sun block, many people refer it to the block from sunshine and think that sun block is only needed in shiny summer day. This thought equalizes the ultraviolet rays to the sunshine. Actually, ultraviolet rays occupy the largest percent in the sunshine, even on misty or cloudy days, they exist as well. When there are visible lights, there are ultraviolet rays. So we should prevent ourselves from sun in every minute, without exceptions in autumn. Sun block is one skin care program that we should do in every season. Otherwise, in daily life, we should block ourselves from many things, radiation included. When you work in front of computers for long time or use mobile phone frequently, you should take measures to protect your face from radiation.

As the weather of the beginning of autumn is getting cooler gradually and the process of skin metabolism is getting slow, if your skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays for long time, it may get burnt. So at the beginning of autumn, you should pay more attention to avoid ultraviolet rays invasion on your skin, especially for the eye skin and lips. As the skin around the eyes is very thin, and normal eye cream does not have the effect of sun block, you should purchase the eye sun block products which has the effect of moistening and treatment. Otherwise, wearing sun glasses is another good choice. And lip skin is also very tender, if under the radiation of ultraviolet rays, it will lose gloss and exfoliate. Therefore, choose a lipstick which has sun block effect to protect your lips.

Cleanse Your Skin After Applying Sun Block

Wearing sun block cream is to form a layer of protective membrane on skin which can refract the ultraviolet rays out. With time going by, the sunscreen agent in physical sun block cream will oxidize, thus to weaken the sun block effect till none. The disadvantage of chemical sun block cream is that if you use it for long term, your skin will depend on it, and it will damage the skin cell and structure. So the first important task is to cleanse in time. Meanwhile, your face may inevitably absorb much dust from outdoors, so when you return home, the first thing you should do is to remove your makeup and wash away the sun block cream thoroughly.

Normal grease-cleansing facial cleanser can wash away chemical or physical sun block cream thoroughly. Facial cleanser which has the makeup removing function is not needed. After face cleansing, if you do not feel tense or greasy on your face, it means your face is clean. If you have thick keratin on your face, for example, blackhead on your nose, you can choose exfoliating facial cleanser. And as many of the sun block cream recently are water-proof, it’s better to use professional make-up remover. Besides, to reduce the degree of skin damage, you should also do the job of post-sunburn repair.

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