The Best Natural Cosmetic Honey

The efficacy of honey beauty has been accepted,but how to make maximum good use of that and what to do is the most effective?

The Best Natural Cosmetic Honey
The Best Natural Cosmetic Honey

The first kind of effects:Make the skin bright, clean and delicate
Nostrum 1:(Honey +Water)

Honey contains a large number of amino acids, enzyme, hormone, vitamin and sugar that can be absorbed by human body,and honey has the role of nourishing skin.Add 2-3 times amount of water into honey to dilute,and daub on the face every day,which can make the skin bright, clean and delicate.

Nostrum 2:(Honey +Vinegar)

Mix honey with vinegar 1-2 spoons respectively, and dissolve it with warm water, remember to take it regularly 2-3 times a day.If you insist for a long time, it can make the rough skin become tender and smooth.

Nostrum 3:(Honey +Eggs+Olive oil)

Mix honey(100g) with an egg in a bowl,and add a little olive oil or sesame oil slowly,then drop 2-3 drops of perfume into the bowl.After throughly mix,you can keep it in the refrigerator.When you are using,you can daub this mixture on the face( except for eyes,nose,mouth) for 10 minutes,then wash the face with warm water.If you daub it two times a month(more times will be better),your face will become clean and delicate,and be full of vigour.

The second kind of effects:Reduce wrinkles, tighten facial skin
Nostrum 4:(Honey +Apples+cream)

Put an apple into boiled water and mash it,then add honey and cream to make moisturizer. Daubing on the face can make your face clean and fine.

Nostrum 5:(Honey +Egg white)

Mix honey(50g) with an egg white evenly, daub it on your face with a soft brush before you go to bed and massage your face slowly. Rinse with clean water after nature airing about 30 minutes.Do it two times a week.

The third kind of effects:Remove freckle
Nostrum 6:(Honey +Glycerol+Water+Flour)

Mix honey, glycerol,water and flour evenly to make moisturizer,and daub on the face for 20 minutes,then rinse the face with clean water.This method is suitable for ordinary dry skin decaying,which can make the skin smooth and delicate,and remove wrinkles and chloasma.It also can treat acne.

Nostrum 7:(Honey +Fresh royal jelly +Egg white+Pollen+Water)

A spoon of honey and fresh royal jelly,an egg white,right amount of pollen and water, tune into a paste and daub on the face for 30 minutes,rinse the face with warm water,then mix fresh royal jelly with a little glycerol and daub it on the face(one time a week).Which is particularly effective for removing black freckles and acne.

The fourth kind of effects:Moisturize+Milk powder+Egg white)

Mix uniformity of a spoon of honey,milk powder and an egg white to make a mask,and daub a thin layer on the face with a cotton swab for 20 minutes and rinse the face with warm water.If you keep using for a month,it would have obvious effect for improving dry skin.

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